Beaucarnea hookeri

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Re: Beaucarnea hookeri

Post Number:#26  Postby Agavemonger » Wed Mar 02, 2016 9:00 am

These plants are tough as nails. They transplant readily anytime of year, although the next couple of months would be ideal timing. Just be very careful not to tear up the caudex when you dig it up! :red:

Beaucarnea hookeri plants thrive on all-day full-sun, light soil, and plenty of water with dilute fertilizer (1/2 recommended strength is best, or a 1.0 millimhos electrical conductivity reading for any science-types out there! ::wink:: ) These plants grow surprisingly fast when well taken care of.

An occasional grooming where old, straw-colored leaves are carefully removed (if they don't pull out easily, then cut them rather than yanking on them) will keep your plant looking attractive.

These long-lived plants make superb potted specimens, especially in the middle of a patio table when small, on raised pillars when larger, or paired up on both sides of an entryway. :8:

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