Fouquieria formosa

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Fouquieria formosa


Post by necturus »

Any experience with this one? The tag I bought said it's hardy to 20 F. I find very little about it online, but this picture is pretty intriguing: If it can live on the beach it must be pretty tough. Curious how much water it can take.
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Re: fouquieria formosa


Post by Minime8484 »

If you are looking for a cold-hardy species besides the US native F. splendens, this one is the one for you.
IMO, the most unique aspect of this species has been that it literally has thrived in our coldest winters. That's not to say it is found in colder temps in Mexico, as it isn’t. I don't know why this is the case, but my F. formosa go through their most significant growth spurts in early spring, immediately following our coldest winters (2007 [down to 18F] and 2011 [down to 22F] caused the most growth in my plants!). Other years it is an excessively slow grower. Other than F. splendens, this is the only Fouquieria species (I grow all 11) that I've never had to trim distal branches after a freeze.
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Re: fouquieria formosa


Post by Stan »

Great looking plant Bursera like. Fast grower?
Hayward Ca. 75-80f summers,60f winters.
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Re: fouquieria formosa


Post by Paul S »

Saw it in Oaxaca, Mexico, in a botanical garden at Zapotitlan Salinas. Fabulous trunk - you just have to stroke it!


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