ancient agave cultivars farther south

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ancient agave cultivars farther south


Post by dkruz »

I've found Ron Parker's book "Chasing Centuries' very interesting and informative. Especially the emphasis on some agave cultivars. So I'm wondering if there is a similar book with a similar focus but covering Mexico and other places like central America. Anyone know of books on that?
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Re: ancient agave cultivars farther south


Post by Gee.S »

This is actually a very different subject south of the border, since agave cultivation never really stopped. There are numerous papers out there, but the only book of which I am aware that broaches the subject in some detail is Gentry.
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Re: ancient agave cultivars farther south


Post by Papahuel »

To me the closest thing I've read "south of the border" that is similar in terms of the ethnobiological aspect is "Alcohol in ancient Mexico" H Bruman, while it was first published in 2000 it was largely based off the author's field work done as a young man in the 1930's before the native peoples had been further diluted by the modern world and while agave was not the only genus mentioned it was featured fairly well.
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