Pictures are Loaded Every Way Except Right Side Up

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Pictures are Loaded Every Way Except Right Side Up


Post by Fairview »

I know how much the site admin loves posted pics that are topsy-turvy. Why is it necessary that to get the correct orientation I need to do a screen shot first and post that rather than post directly? When I post a pic directly it shows up everyway except the right way even when I rotate it to compensate for the wrong orientation. It's impossible to get anything but a screen shot to show up with the correct orientation.

I will spare Gee.S an example of what is happening when I post a pic that isn't a screen shot.
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Re: Pictures are Loaded Every Way Except Right Side Up


Post by nsp88 »

I'm not entirely sure, but I think when you take a photo with a phone camera horizontally/landscape, the site wants to load it that way (which looks wrong) instead of autorotating like a phone does. Autorotate on phones does screwy stuff when doing your own rotating and then mixing it with the site. Not really sure.

Have you tried using a photo that was taken just straight up and down/portrait mode with your phone and uploading straight like that?

From camera shots, it wants to do portrait/vertical photos wrong. I always open them up in another app on computer and just resave them and then it works.
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Re: Pictures are Loaded Every Way Except Right Side Up


Post by Gee.S »

As far as I know, this is exclusively (or almost exclusively) an iPhone thing, and it has to do with rotating photos to match phone orientation.

It never happens to me, because I exclusively use DSLR cameras for taking photos, phones for texting/talking, and computers for computing -- and yes, I know that leaves me in a VERY small minority. I have uploaded tens of thousands of photos here and never once had one orient incorrectly.

In at least some instances, the issue is as easy to deal with as taking/posting landscapes rather than portraits. Try it. It is almost always portraits that fall over into landscape position.

Agaveville does have a section for testing, where you can upload all the sideways photos you want: Test Forum
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Re: Pictures are Loaded Every Way Except Right Side Up


Post by mcvansoest »

Have you tried cropping the image ever so slightly - and post the cropped image? I have heard people say that tends to solve the issue, but since I never post directly from my iPhone but go the through Photos app on my iMac I have not had the issue.
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