Speaking of Brahea armata

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Speaking of Brahea armata


Post by KLC »

I've seen this huge grove of palms in Phoenix for many years now, don't know who owns them but there's thousands. Someone is obviously a palm aficionado. This might be a catch 22 though, there is a fortune to be made by liquidating all of them which would take a considerable amount of time to do, and currently the real estate itself is worth literally tens of millions of dollars, but only if the palms were removed first. This is probably more than 20 years of growth. It doesn't suck for the person who owns it all.

These are google maps screenshots.
Web capture_6-5-2022_225914_www.google.com.jpeg
Web capture_6-5-2022_225914_www.google.com.jpeg (130.87 KiB) Viewed 3472 times
Web capture_6-5-2022_225811_www.google.com.jpeg
Web capture_6-5-2022_225811_www.google.com.jpeg (204.74 KiB) Viewed 3471 times
Web capture_6-5-2022_225453_www.google.com.jpeg
Web capture_6-5-2022_225453_www.google.com.jpeg (157.53 KiB) Viewed 3471 times
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Re: Speaking of Brahea armata


Post by Meangreen94z »

There is a palm farm south of Houston in Brazoria County like that. The palms are grown so densely in ground you would think it it would lead to heavy losses when harvesting, but I’m sure they know what they are doing. They are all species that aren’t root sensitive and are pretty hardy. No business sign on the entrance, so they probably deal with one of the major nursery chains like Moon Valley.
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Re: Speaking of Brahea armata


Post by Stan »

He picked a palm that transplants poorly. If they are in pots,that's different..but they seem to be all field grown. I don't see any gaps in there either..so he's not moving them in and out. A mystery.
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