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New Lens


Post by Gee.S »

I just received a new lens I ordered, and I am anxious to play. It's a Sigma 18-250mm f3.5, and it cost about ½ as much as my primary. It isn't intended to replace my primary, but serve as my new zoom. I travel with two camera bodies, one as my primary and the other a 75-300 f4.6 zoom to shake out stuff too far away. Unfortunately, it's a cheap lens, and not only takes crappy pictures, it is impossible to hold steady while fully extended, requiring a monopod.

The new lens is smaller and easier to hold steady. It also features "Optical Stabilizer", which it claims "is possible to get sharp results at shutter speeds approximately 4 steps slower than you could without...". It should really help eliminate camera shake with the lens fully extended.

Here is a shot from my front yard with the lens fully extended. Not bad. I assume that on objects further away, I'll get better results in regard to getting more of the plant in focus. I generally don't care how sharply focused a couple of leaves in the foreground are, I want the whole plant in focus, even groups of plants -- and that is why I gravitate toward fast lenses. My fastest is a fixed f1.4, and I will take it out along with my new lens once this crappy CA weather clears out. It's playtime! :))
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Re: New Lens


Post by KLC »

Nice GeeS.

I got myself a couple of lenses too. I bought the Nikkor 18-200 F3.5-5.6, and a Nikkor 35mm f1.8. Have to wait until Tuesday though.

The prime 50mm was not exactly what I wanted for a fixed lens so I got the 35 instead. The f1.4 would have been nice but twice the money.

When the smoke clears, I want to get a dedicated prime macro in the 200mm range. I'm interested in the small things haha.

A second camera body is a great idea.
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