Photo management software

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Photo management software


Post by mcvansoest »

So Apple has phased out iPhoto in its new OS and while iPhoto was not perfect it was working reasonably well for me to at least keep some kind of organization in my photos. It has replaced it with an app called Photos, which is clearly aimed at integrating the photos from your mobile devices with your computer, and vice versa. For me while the differences are not that great it clearly represents a step back.

So I have started looking at other options that are out there and I was wondering what other people who take a lot of pictures use for photo organization and management. I have looked at Adobe Lightroom, but not much else yet.

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Re: Photo management software


Post by Gee.S »

I just save photos in folders using descriptive names and dates. I'm sure I could do better, but I seem to manage.
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Re: Photo management software


Post by Stan »

I like PIXLR. Good basics for what you need- free. If more,you can get the pay version.
PIXLR actually allows you to sharpen photos. Windows 10 doesn't,neither do many freeware I looked at. Funny something as basic as that.
PIXLR as an app..Im not sure. I think it offers that.
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Re: Photo management software


Post by Neomexicana »

I am happy with darktable, it is free and has professional features including lensfun-lenscorrection.
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