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Editing older posts


Post by Melt in the Sun »

As you know, there is a fairly short window (48 hours?) during which we can edit posts, and afterwards they are locked for all eternity. I imagine this was a purposeful decision and I can certainly understand reasons why - it prevents people from getting pissy and leaving holes in older threads, or changing the narrative entirely.

One problem though - it means that all of our buy/sell/trade threads are frozen in their original state. So, my thread lists things for trade that I no longer have, and some things in my want list that I have since acquired...it leads to unnecessary and sometimes disappointing PMs.

I don't know if phpBB allows the edit window to be set differently for each subforum, but if so I think it would be worthwhile to do that in the "Wanted/For Sale or Trade" section. Or, at least let us delete our old threads and replace them with current info.
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Re: Editing older posts


Post by Gee.S »

You have a fine grasp of the situation and your suggestion is a good one. Unfortunately, there is no way to establish different criteria like this for an individual forum section. What I have done is now made you a simple moderator for the Trade section. This will allow you to edit and delete posts, and delete threads. The other side of this coin is that you are now listed as a forum moderator, so other users may ask you to edit or delete their listings as you might your own, though I have fielded very few such requests over the life of the forum.

I have no problem with affording other members who wish to maintain up to date trade threads the same ability. There is no limit on the number of moderators per forum section. So let's try this out. I hope you'll find it an adequate, if not ideal, solution.
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