Adenium crispum

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Adenium crispum


Post by mcvansoest »

This is a plant I got from Mark Dimmitt as a two year old seedling when I attended one of his talks about Adeniums.

I lost the label, but I think it might be a product of A. crispum x A. obesum, crossed back with A. crispum at least once so it has some A. obesum in it (hence the somewhat wider leaves than expected, I guess), it does have the characteristic wavy margins (crisped - hence the name) and flower. I think they do the cross with A. obesum to try and reduce its extreme cold and wet sensitivity, which is a characteristic of this species. It has been a pretty consistent flowerer, which can start when plants are around 2 years old (mine started flowering right after I got it). I winter it outside under a patio roof in front of a window which leaks a lot of heat and keep it dry from October onwards till night time T's are consistently above 50F. Last winter I had it further away from the window and it went completely dormant, but the year before when it was right in front of the window it did not go into dormancy. During the rest of the year it gets early morning to just past midday full sun and seems to take that quite well.
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Sorry some of the plant detail gets lost in some of my other Adeniums, will try and post a better picture soon.
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Re: Adenium crispum


Post by DesertDweller »

Same hybrid perhaps:
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